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We are Silverbird Family, an American Indian/Jewish singing group that sing songs for Jesus Christ. The group consists of 5 people, myself, my name is Mark, my wife Tania, and our 3 children, Natasha, Richard and Caroline.

We live in Albuquerque, NM, and love everything about it. It is sunny, sunny sunny, and the desert and mountains are breath taking.

Our goal as a family is to bring to you in song, the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is nothing better than to be employed by Jesus Christ. He is our Boss in this family. We love Him, and trust Him implicitly for everything in life.

We hope that when you listen to our music, ‘TRUST in JESUS” will fill your heart in knowing that He is always present.

From us to you, we pray, “Jesus, I trust in YOU” for all mankind.

GOD bless you
Silverbird Family